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March 02, 2008


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Just de-lurking to say:
I love your blog and I can't wait to see what you show us every day.

Ben Wideman

I love this picture. Takes me back to my time in Africa. Such a great perspective.

Maria João

This is what is called a good use of space!
I'm with you Ararat.


What a great photo. I love the every aspect.


Your photos are just fabulous. This is great.


Oh my goodness!


Loved this photo! I never have my camera here when we see this - or if I do, my batteries are already dead from the heat!

Benjamin Madison

Greetings! I am so happy to see a photo blog from West Africa - I lived there (in Nigeria, Togo and Gambia) for many years and still miss it every day. Your excellent photos make me feel a little closer to it. Thanks!

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